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August 26, 2009


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Thank you very kindly for both the linkage and the generous characterization of my post.

You're absolutely right about the lack of a system, and all of the repercussions thereof. I think it specifically crystalizes what I've been trying to get to as I've thought this through (and as I've just given up and gone with my own angry stream of consciousness).

DCU Curmudgeon

Thanks for dropping by and for giving voice to my own frustrations so passionately.

One of Soehn's habits over the years that drives me crazy is this constant tinkering in each game instead of, apparently, defining systems of play that every player becomes familiar with. So, with each new game, and each new tinker, the players seem left with brand new marching orders and no idea of what to do.

It's interesting how very slyly Goff seemed to work this idea into his piece.


I would go farther and note that not only do they not develop good systemic habits, the lack of a system complicates their ability to further develop personal chemistry. bDr is fond of noting particular combinations of long-time DCU players (Gomez/Fred is the Prime Sinkhole, and the one with which I most agree) that simply cannot play together.

Goff...I've not been happy with Goffinho for a while now, but it's much harder for me to articulate, partly because I don't dislike the guy and it's a joy to have someone local who writes and posts about futbol--and about our club--every day. I think I just sometimes don't feel like I watched the same players that Goff did.

That said, his approach to this game was good stuff, and his continuing willingness to question DCU management is heartening. Goff's not in a position where he can openly call for management changes, but I get the impression that he's edging closer to a place where he would if he could.

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