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November 19, 2009


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Steve Ramaley

I have never seen a more compelling argument for the including goal line refs at South Africa. The media in Sweden are blaming their ref Hansson, but he was indeed in a proper position. Its likely that his view was just obstructed by the goal mouth melee. The lineman was also correctly positioned but unable to make that call -- it occurred on the opposite side of the goal from where he was positioned. As someone who has reffed for 10 years, I know it is an ironclad rule in football that you cannot give a foul unless you see it.

The FIFA referee system is broken, but no more so than in the past. Its just more obvious today, given how we use technology to review each play in painstaking detail. Errors might also be occurring more frequently because of the heightened pace of the modern game, but that's a speculative argument.

It is ironic that had Platini's experiment with 2 additional refs been in place for this game, his country's goal would have been disallowed.

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