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April 18, 2010


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Here's what makes me sad: on a night when the Capitals play a must-win playoff game at the very same time that an 0-3 United (which has not played as well as *that* record indicates), United draws almost 19K.

Put a decent team in a decent 30K stadium on the metro in DC, cap the season tickets at 20K, United sells out every game, is the flagship franchise of MLS.

Instead we get a shitty team with a shitty front office and a shitty coach in a lovable but shitty stadium for what? Maybe two more years?

When the autopsy on DCU is written, those responsible for thoroughly fucking-up a winning situation - from ownership to front office to the District government - will be flayed for their incompetence and pettiness.

There. A bit more rage.

Chanel J12

Usually success and failure is just one step away,Life is a combination of success and failure. Both are needed

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